Sally Sue Davis Klinck

Student, McAllen, TX

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Sally Sue Davis Klinck was a 21-year-old UT-Austin student in August of 1966. She was in McAllen, TX planning her wedding at the time of the shooting. Her fiancé, Jan Klinck, was on campus and she could not get in touch with him for a few, very stressful, hours. Davis Klinck was scheduled to get her wisdom teeth out on Aug. 1.

“By the time I got to the dentist, I was a basket case,” Davis Klinck says.

The dentist refused to operate until he called up to find out whether Davis Klinck’s fiancé had been involved in the shooting. They got no information but it turned out Jan Klinck was at Scholz’s Beer Garten and was late to call her.