Ben Cervin

Graduate Student, Businesses and Economics Building

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“I remember some aspects of the incident quite well, as I was in class at the business school completing one of the last courses required for my MBA, which I received on August 27, 1966.

I observed students down, shots being fired to and from the tower, and was feet away from one of the state troopers who took up a firing position inside the business school.

I believe several of Whitman’s shots struck the (Businesses and Economics Building); and I particularly recall, at the end of the event, seeing the damaged heavy glass door at the side-street entry.

As an Air Force veteran having just left active duty in September 1965 to begin my coursework in the Graduate School of Business, I was somewhat less intimidated by what was going on than some of the younger students. I repeatedly maneuvered to position myself where I could see the tower and the troopers returning fire, but unlikely be in the line of Whitman’s fire. In hindsight, probably not reckless but still not a very smart move.”