John Fox (Artly Snuff)

Incoming Freshman, South Mall

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John Fox (aka Artly Snuff) was a recent Austin High School graduate taking summer classes at UT-Austin. He was visiting a friend near campus when they heard on the radio that someone was shooting with an air rifle. The two thought that sounded like something interesting to see so they may their way toward the Tower. Once there, they soon realized the shots were not coming from an air rifle.

Fox noticed a few people lying on the pavement of the South Mall – they had been shot. One person he was certain was alive – a pregnant woman who he later found out was Claire Wilson.

Fox made the decision to run out with others and lift Wilson to safety.

He says that the inscription on the tower reads: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

“And to me, one of the truths I discovered that day, are there are monsters that live among us.  There are people that think unthinkable thoughts and do unthinkable things.  And they’re out there.”