Terrell Reagan

Recent Graduate, Philippines

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“I am a 1966 Architectural Engineering graduate of the UT engineering school. We were the smallest of all of the engineering departments – probably only 20 graduates.

Because of the small size of our department, I had every class with Charles and knew him well.

I graduated in May/June and Charles stayed during the summer session to finish some classes.

In order to beat the draft, I accepted a job with Brown and Root to design and build bridges in the Philippines for the Vietnam War effort. I was sitting at a sidewalk café in Manila reading the International Herald Tribune and saw a picture on the front page that looked familiar. Sure enough, it was Charles Whitman.

I tried to reach as many of my old classmates as possible through antiquated international phone lines and was contacted by Time International for an interview. Charles would have been one of the engineers I would have hired later when I gained seniority.

Whitman is in the book I just finished – after three years of work – that will probably be self-published.”