Charles Nixon

Student, Goldsmith Hall

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“I was a fifth-year architectural student on campus on August 1, 1966, taking summer courses and working at the University Co-op in the camera department.

The morning of the shooting I was in Goldsmith Hall, the architectural building, in a lab with windows open and heard the popping noise. After a few minutes I decided to investigate the noise, walked out of the architectural building and up the mall to the tower building.

As I approached the building there was a male student standing behind a tree, and I said, ‘What is going on?’ He replied, ‘Someone is shooting people,’ and he pointed to the main mall where there were three bodies laying on the pavement and grass.

I said, ‘Where is the shooter?’ and he said he did not know. I ran back to the architectural building not realizing I was exposed to the tower where Whitman was shooting from.

I ran into the office and said, ‘Call the police, someone is shooting people.’

The secretary called and the police said yes, they were on their way.”